The Light and the Little Girl – Review

Director: Guy Pooles

Synopsis: A young girl finds herself entranced by a beam of light moving through her home and tries to capture it in a jar, only to realise that there are things she loves that she cannot possess.

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Overwhelming, earnest and angelic, the film depicts a little girl’s fascination towards a beam of light and her keen attempts to capture it.
The story is efficiently conveyed is not more than almost 7 minutes. Guy Pooles and Jin-E-Peng have done a commendable job as writers. Kudos to Guy Pooles for his writing and exceptional direction!

The Light and the Little Girl - Short of the Month Review

Jin-E-Peng has justly captured and presented the various shots. The scenes wherein the girl tries to capture the light infinite times, wins the heart of the viewer. They have been shot with utmost precision.

James Welland’s composition and Cyndi Trisell’s editing are the high points of this short film.
Vini Ann Yee, who plays the little girl, is the true hero amongst all the people whose efforts have been channeled into the making of such a phenomenal short film. Her genuine childlike innocence melts the viewer’s heart. For me, she did not have to put much effort into the acting part. Being a child it all came to her naturally.

The Light and the Little Girl - Short of the Month Review

Overall, it is one of those stories which would surely remind one of his/her childhood.

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