This is not a Portrait - Review

Not being able to perform as expected in one’s passion can scratch deep. This is not a portrait - actually shows the tussle between passion and profession.

Bartending pays for his living but his paintings doesn’t. Paul doesn’t want to be called a bartender he wants to be known as an artist. Something that is true to himself. Even talent doesn’t seem to suffice. Anger and depression just makes him want to throw all his old work away. Love the irony in the end.

This is not a Potrait - Review - Short of the Month

This is not a portrait plays around a nice plot. Directors Patrick Shanahan, Robbie Opperman, Beau Vorous did try to portray the story in the best way possible but, something did go wrong in the editing and screenplay. There seemed to be jumps and strides in shots as compared to the dialogues. There is great dynamics in the story itself, something people face many at times. Sounds were apt for the film. Actors Paul Hesselblad, Deana Nguyen, Angie Trull and Jason Craighead have delivered a natural performance. They binded the whole film together.

A great story which one can connect to. Take a break and enjoy the 6 min film – This is not a portrait.

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