14TH Feb - The Deadline - Trailer

14th Feb - The Deadline is a Story of common boy. Similar to anyone of current age. A young boy with a good heart, and with a promising career. But he will face the most bitter experience in his life, due to his one mistake. The whole story is based on how social networking is affecting our upcoming generation.

Directed by Amit Datta
Story/Concept: Kumar Vengla,
Art Director/Production Design: Pinku Pattanaik
Cinematography: Amit Datta ,
Dir of Photography: Joydeep Ghosh & Vamsi Tubati
Assistant Dir of Photography: Anna Laxmi Main Camera Control:Vamsi Tubati ,
Assist. Camera Control: Pinku Pattanaik, Joydeep Ghosh ,
Editor: Himanshu
Producers: Ankita Production
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