20º 51' North Latitude - Trailer

After eleven years of absence Ernesto returns to his hometown and re-encounters his most intimate childhood friends. To have fun they steal an abandoned boat. In the middle of local anecdotes and blurred memories from the past, Ernesto, finds himself bound to a place and a past that he thought he had forgotten.

Director: Carlos Lenin
Producer: Paloma Serna Ramones
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Diego Tenorio
Editor: Carlos Lenin
Original Background Score: Juan Pablo Villa
Other Crew Members: Sound Misael Topillo

Actor Name Role Played
Armando Hernández Ernie
Jorge Adrián Espíndola Banche
Humberto Rubio Lobo
Andúl Zambrano Pollo
Orlando Reséndez Kiko
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