Alicija - Trailer

‘Alicija’ is the story of a young girl who, upon turning eighteen, leaves behind her family home in Poland to follow her dreams… and finds herself living a nightmare – trapped in the dark world of human trafficking. As she awaits her fate, in a sparse bedroom in the UK, she clings to the memories of who used to be… And the life she once lived…

In this film, we are telling a story, but for over 35 million people around the world human trafficking is a fact. By making this film we are hoping to raise awareness of this important issue; and to encourage people to join the fight against it.

Director: Mike Peacock
Producer: Rebecca Peacock / Jade Atkins-Spelling
Story & Screenplay: Mike Peacock
Cinematographer: Steven Wyatt
Editor: Mike Peacock
Original Background Score: Thomas Hewitt-Jones
Other Crew Members: Assistant Directors Steve O’Reilly, Daniel Beet
2nd AD Jade Atkins-Spelling
3rd AD Dannielle Raine Meyer
Sound Recordist Joe Allman
Gaffer Marcus Tibbitts
Spark Sharaz Khan
Runners Chandler Jake Rio Tomas Muscat Meyer, Nathan Maguire, Mike Slaven
Costume Rebecca Peacock
Make-Up Nicola-Jayne Wells, Aislinn Atkins-Wakefield
Hair Liz Banks, Nicola-Jayne Wells

Colourist Andrew McKee
Editor Michael Peacock
Production poster Kenneth James
Dubbing Mixer Dave Aston
Composers Thomas Hewitt-Jones
Final Song Ruth Hill


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