ANGLE, 角度 - Trailer

角度 ANGLE is set 20 years after the 4th war in mainland china, it is an origin story of a baby girl who has been made host to a demon seed in a procedure gone awry, thus leaving a dimensional gate open for these demons to travel. We pick up 19 years later as our baby girl is now a beautiful young college girl studying occult history, advanced physics and linguistics to try to find the truth of her origin. Accompanied by a protective mech companion who was built to hold and suppress the demon seed inside her that is trying to realize itself into this world.

Director: patrick a razo
Producer: patrick a razo
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: mo kim
Editor: patrick a razo
Original Background Score: patrick a razo
Other Crew Members: -2nd unit drone pilot/cinematographer: hannah kacary
-vfx: john van unen


Actor Name Role Played
ellie hara angelina
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