Becky Jane’s Big Day – Trailer


From Director & Writer C.G. Ryche, comes a comedy about Becky Jane. A fifteen year old self absorbed Drama Queen that wakes up on the greatest day of the year, her Birthday. When things don’t go as planned, her whole world come crashing down . . . and you think Chicken Little had problems.

Director: C.G. Ryche
Producer: C.G. Ryche
Story & Screenplay: C.G. Ryche
Cinematographer: Seth Wessel
Editor: C.G. Ryche
Original Background Score: C.G. Ryche
Other Crew Members: Chuck Bemis / Camera
Mitch Espe / Sound Mixer

Actor Name Role Played
Ashlie Garrett Becky Jane Crensaw
David Gironda Jay Crensaw
Lala Costa Susan Crenshaw
Stephen H. Snyder Wildman Steve