Board to Death - Trailer

A game of lust and adultery of envy and wrath. Revolving around a vengeful husband whom suspects his wife of being unfaithful and has no choice but to act due to his pride. We follow him as he hunts down those who have disrespected his wife and his marriage, all through a board game which slowly but surely reveals the names of his targets. Who will fall and who will be victorious in this game of death?

Director: Dammie Akinmola
Screenplay: John Cullen
Lead Actors: Joshua Expósito - Husband

Victoria Ashford - Wife
Cristinel Hogas - Nicholson
Carl Muircroft - Marshall
Christopher Walthorne - Sven

Crew Members:

Cinematographer & Editor - Kazi Zaman
Camera Operator & Grip - Hamza Ahmed
Thomas Marshall - Gaffer
Composer - Dammie Akinmola
1st AD - Tanickwa Reynolds
2nd AD - Armaan Habib
Location Manager - Tony Ansell

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