Captive - Trailer

Encore civilisation delineates the abstract luxury of happiness. In conscience or otherwise we pick up the luscious language of love from the avid age of advertising. From here belches a lament of a fledgling spirit in pursuit of a diseased demiurge. The story of a desolate fugitive soul on a surreal trip is 'Captive'.

Director: Sajedur Rahman
Producer: Sajedur Rahman
Story & Screenplay: Sajedur Rahman
Cinematographer: Ahmed Pasha Faisal
Editor: Sajedur Rahman
Original Background Score: Mehedi Hasan Nil
Other Crew Members: Colorist: Shamsul Arefin.
Sound: Akib Shaon.
Art Director: Mahmud Hasan Shaheen.
Executive Producer: Roufon Islam.
Assistant Director: Mahmud Hasan Shaheen, Abdulla Al Mamun, Pritom Ahmed.
Camera Assistant: Ibrahim Bepari, Rajib Shikder.
Gaffer: Dibendu Dib.
Best Boy: Shafayet Root.

Actor Name Role Played
Priyam Sarker Archi Wife
Mahmud Hasan Shaheen Men
Shahabuddin Husband
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