Cultural Clash - Trailer

When a Nigerian family with traditional values move to the ghetto from their Roswell Mansion to survive hard times, they soon find out that money is the least of their problems.

Yinka and Ade Johnson, two Nigerian high school teenaged siblings are dumped into the worst school in their new neighborhood after their family had to relocate to Decatur due to financial difficulties. They fast discover that despite moving to America with a visa lottery for a better life as adolescents, culture shock and rejection had only just begun with Crim High as they make a deep revelation the hard way that even in a city full of Blacks, there are two shades of black and that being Black isn’t just enough.

Cultural Clash is a story that explores how parental disapproval and racial discrimination can change the course of the lives of everyone and bring about a powerful lesson that has never been seen on screen; bridging cultural divides, revealing why minorities hate each other and the harm of being disunited. It is a tale that blends the romance of high school scenarios with a thrilling family conflict, intense racism and the spell-bounding action of the chase of the drug Lord and his gang. In this intriguing and dramatic romance, you will soon find out that everyone can be a little racist to even to their own race.

Director: Ibrahim Thomson
Producer: Ibrahim Thompson & Dele Nonye John
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Ibrahim Thompson, Fabian Hooks, Willie Styles and Antoine Mercury
Editor: Iyke Odogwu
Original Background Score: Chuckey Charles
Other Crew Members: Chichi Chukwura Ozoemena, Aaarica Dee, Angela Shondamere, Kahprii, Richard Tasie, Tosin Owoyomi, etc

Actor Name Role Played
Terri Vaughn Mrs Jefferson
Lil Zane Big Fred
Jim Iyke Uncle Dayo
Yemi Blaq Yomi Johnson
Daniel Llyod Ade
Benjamin Levy Miguel
Karen Obilom Yinka
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