ECHO - Trailer

“I echoed FEAR on to your mirror

And my FEAR roots in you"

This unveils the gist of the psychological horror short film 'ECHO' with the set blended in a very contemporary format showcasing I.T. as a backdrop. Echo deals with the fear that resides in one’s subconscious mind which instigates it under a given situation thereby revealing something which we may or may not wish to perceive as Supernatural.

Annapoorna Lekha Pillai as Unknown Lady
Arathy Tharavath as Meera
Basil Kutty as Majid
Kiran Nair as Broker Shibu
Murali Krishnan as Samuel
Srijith Vallathol as Vineeth
Vishnu Nair as Serious Guy
Suresh Kumar as Security Officer
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