Enon - Trailer

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Dissatisfied by the world as he know’s it, Enon purchases a mysterious artifact that is said to be capable of bringing about hell on earth. Using this artifact Enon performs a dark ritual, offering his own life blood as the key to unlocking its power. However, he soon realizes that the ritual will cost him his life, unless he finds another way.

This story follows Enon, depressed and isolated, as he tries to connect with something larger than life. Will he succeed or will he be cursed to live another day in an unchanged world?

Director: Ashley Bratkin
Screenplay By: Ashley Bratkin
Lead Actors: Tim Lyle as Enon
Iva Kapsikova as Neighbour
Other Crew Members:
Ryan Jackson - Producer, Story/Video Editor, VFX
Jeevin Johal - Founder and Producer at Kymæra Films and Assistant Director
Gregory J. Brown - Director of Photography and Founder of Z+G Productions
Sabia Kular - Art Director
Elizabeth Newman - Makeup Artist

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