group - Trailer

In a group therapy session, Maxine helps the reflective and thoughtful Richard begin to share his difficulty working through the loss of his father. Some in the group are silent, while others are unsympathetic and even callous telling Richard to ‘get over it.’ The professional, middle-aged Maxine, however, lends her listening ear and thoughtful responses as she systematically shepherds the various members of the group. As a result, other members begin to shallowly share their grief over their own losses. As the weight of these burdens mount, Richard forces Maxine to face her own grief and loss. In an unusual turn, a startling revelation is made, and Maxine leads her group into a jarring reality. You’ve never felt so alone as you do in group.

Director: AJ Parker
Producer: Jackie Goldston, Cory Shoemake, AJ Parker
Story & Screenplay: Chris Goldston
Cinematographer: Rusty Anderston
Editor: AJ Parker
Original Background Score: Mark Dowdy
Other Crew Members: Jon Nix- Sound Engineer
Erika Parker - Production Assistant
TJ Johns - Key Grip
Keith Benjamin - Grip
Graham Dowdy - Additional music scoring

Actor Name Role Played
Jackie Goldston Maxine
Cory Shoemake Richard
Karen Beyer Rose
Jeremy Madden Nathan
Alexandra Goldston Young Woman
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