Inside Mind - Trailer

Spencer, a young scientist tries to enter Clarice, his girlfriend's mind to save her from coma. Inside her head, he founds that her other personality, Angie tries to kill her to control the body. He has to find Clarice and help her out before Angie took over and kill them both.

Director: Kevin Anderson
Producer: Kevin Anderson
Story & Screenplay: Kevin Anderson
Cinematographer: Dennis Hasangapon
Editor: Kevin Anderson
Original Background Score: Bobby Surjadi
Other Crew Members: Art Director: Johan Junior
Casting: Yudistira Tribudiman
Line Producer: William Sutehja
Co-Producer: Adhi Nusantara

Actor Name Role Played
Galih Gallingis Spencer
Sabrina Athika Clarice & Angie
Kevin Anderson Ben


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