No Love For Fuckboys - Trailer

"No Love For Fuckboys" traces the journey to and away from love as told by a sexual assault survivor who shares their story through the ghosts of their past.

Director: Ricardo Bouyett
Producer: Ricardo Bouyett
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Ricardo Bouyett
Editor: Ricardo Bouyett
Original Background Score: Steve Matthew Carter

Actor Name Role Played
Nailah Thomas Nailah Thomas
Michael LaVallee Michael LaVallee
Jude Valentin Jude Valentin
Jessica Oberhausen Jessica Oberhausen
Kristin Tate Kristin Tate
Jacqui Jaurena Jacqui Jaurena
Chase Ingrande Chase Ingrande
CJ Aslan CJ Aslan
Naomi Stuhlman Naomi Stuhlman
Lewis Mansion Lewis Mansion
Tera Jo Tera Jo
Emlar Rollings Emlar Rollings
Maya Ru Maya Ru
Marina Cortes Calle Marina Cortes Calle
Jasper Aurum Baltazar Japser Aurum Baltazar
Michal Gliszewski Michal Gliszewski
Charles Mcdermott Charles Mcdermott
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