Pelago - Trailer

A young girl named Maggie tries to deal with the loss of her lover, remembering his promises and the place where they first met. Now she has to face her lack of self-confidence, the same lack that encouraged her to start a relation with an older man that she identified as her lighthouse in the storm.

Director: Edoardo Sandulli
Producer: Edoardo Sandulli
Story & Screenplay: Edoardo Sandulli
Cinematographer: Simone Biagini
Editor: Giuseppe Lago
Original Background Score: Alessio Buongiorno
Other Crew Members: Katia Rigali (Costume Designer)
Isabella Benassi (Maggie - Voice)
Stefano Andrea Macchi (Greg - Voice)
Nunzia di Somma (Director of Dubbing)
Alessandro Meistro (Sound Editor)

Actor Name Role Played
Laura Carugati Maggie
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