Prisoner - Trailer

Within their cells that was embedded into darkness, their most desired feelings was patience. Their time was short to feed their bodies and souls with the strewing life lights. When the expected time has come the light beams entering from the opened window could purify their souls and feed their bodies. After that; the only thing left was the coldness of the cruel darkness.

Director: Erol Çelik
Producer: Erol Çelik
Story & Screenplay: Erol Çelik
Cinematographer: Emrah Yayla, Kerem Kardaş
Editor: Erol Çelik
Original Background Score: Koray Başaran
Other Crew Members:

Sound: Burak Demir
Gaffer: Cevat Mutlu
Art Director: Serkan Zor

Actor Name Role Played
Ziya Nizam
Aykut Yangin
Hüseyin Gezgin
Yasin Şavkı
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