Subliminal - Trailer

A young and previously unknown company chooses a small town to sell a revolutionary new product.
Adrian and Cristian, after his morning workout, talk about this technology and looking for ways to get it.
Director: Anaís Medina & Tony Navarro
Producer: Anaís Medina & Tony Navarro
Story & Screenplay By: Tony Navarro & Anaís Medina
Cinematographer: Anaís Medina & Tony Navarro
Editor: Tony Navarro
Original Background Score (Music Composer): Mister M. Chemical
Other Crew Members: Rafael Arjona (Sound)
Anna Carbó (Make UP, make up effects)
David Sequeira (FX digital)

Actor Name Role Played
Sonja Mist Comercial Model
Ana Navarro Laura Norman
Silvia Torres Marissa Butler
Eva Arellano Carla
Adriana G. Andreo Alexa Curtis
Felix Goggles Errol F.Baley
Carlos Montalvo Adrian
Carlos Romero Cristian Curtis
Kevin Morales Arteaga Police
Ezequiel Ribera Unknowable
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