The Maze - Trailer

A young man lives a dream where is trapped and looks for help by going to a psychoanalyst to investigate his mind. The dreams, however, are chosen by a doctor where the people often stop by.

Director: Franco Lucchetti & Mauro Villani
Producer: Francoi Lucchetti & Mauro Villani
Story & Screenplay:
Cinematographer: Manuel Antonucci
Editor: Mauro Villani
Original Background Score: Alessio Manca
Other Crew Members: Set Decoration & Costume Designer: Carla Spaziani
Camera Operator: Davide Salvatori
Sound: Giampaolo Panizio
Assistant Operator: Aurora De Carolis
Make Up: Maria Mastrangeli
Graphic Designer: Paola Cerruto

Actor Name Role Played
Franco Lucchetti
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