Us & Them - Trailer

In this beautiful big country ruled by narrow minds, there are many who don’t fit in anywhere! Some are rejected, thrown out or disowned. It’s always between, Us & Them.

This is the story of Lavika and the love of her life. In a society where arranged marriages are the only way one can get a new start, Lavika differed
from the rest. Her unconditional love and her desire for a future with her uttermost priority, brings her into a Do-or-Die situation. All her efforts are for her companion, the one who understands her and to whom her heart belongs to. Neither can she hurt her parents nor can she let the love of her life slip out of her hands. When her dad invites a family over for a marriage proposal, Lavika realizes that it’s time she takes the big step.
A little weak at heart, she finds the simplest way out!

Director: Piyush Srivastav
Screenplay By: Piyush Srivastav
Lead Actors: Sukhleen Kaushal
Yeshaswini Channaiah
Anirban Bhattacharya
Archana K. Mittal
B.V. Bharat
Deevas Gupta &
Nandini P.
Other Crew Members: Cinematographer: Vishnu Vardhan
Sound Design: Raj Raj
Original Background Score: Salamat Ali
Written By: Abhishek Bhagat, Piyush Srivastav, Roopa Rao & Samprukt Mohanty
Make up: Fahimeh Davoodi
Screenplay, Editing, Direction: Piyush Srivastav

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