Yuri on the Phone - Trailer

‘Yuri on the Phone’ is a dry tragic short comedy featuring Serbian film diva Rada Đuričin (1934) as a woman whose passion for Yuri Gagarin (1934-68) is still as strong as when it was first set aflame after Gagarin's launch in 1961.

The intro and subtitle animation is made by Dutch animation studio 'Addikt' and 'Celia Rosa'. Which combines old nostalgic USSR space designs in combination with contemporary elements.

This is their fourth film dedicated to Yuri Gagarin.

Director(s): Rene Nuijens & Steve Korver

Story & Screenplay: Rene Nuijens & Steve Korver
Cinematographer(s): Rene Nuijens
Editor(s): Will Judge
Original Background Score (Music Composer): Maja Kristalinskaja: ‘My Love’

Script translator: Olga Rozanova
Executive producer: Marko Nikolić
D.O.P.: Obrad Kokotović
Gaffer: Goran Tomić & Igor Gregovic?
Soundman: Slaviša Lepojević
Editor: Will Judge
Graphics: Celia Rosa
Animation: Barry Schwarz @ Addikt
Titles: Barry Schwarz @ Addikt & Celia Rosa
Grading & Online: Captcha!
Colour Grading: Barry Clarke
Compositing: Gregoire Verweijen
Post Production Producer: Marcel Oudendijk
Sound: Nick Smith @ Stainless Sound
Voiceover intro: Konstantin Guz


Actor Name Role Played
Rada Đuričin Rada
Milivoje Pavlović Otto von Braun
Tatjana Marković Nurse
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