December 1, 2016
Death Box - Trailer

A young woman withdrawn from reality is fixated on a mysterious box. A family heirloom handed down to her from her deceased father. Little by little Agda loses touch with the physical world around her, as she blunders from one implausible set of circumstances to the next. Subconscious mind trails from her stringent father's admonitions forewarn Agda to never open the box, or else. Alas, curiosity gets the best of her. Agda is pleasantly surprised that demons and monsters did not fly out of it. Until one evening, when she is rattled by a strange nightmare.

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November 25, 2016
Becky Jane's Big Day - Trailer

From Director & Writer C.G. Ryche, comes a comedy about Becky Jane. A fifteen year old self absorbed Drama Queen that wakes up on the greatest day of the year, her Birthday. When things don't go as planned, her whole world come crashing down . . . and you think Chicken Little had problems.

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November 25, 2016
The Scarlet Thorn - Trailer

From visionary filmmaker C.G. Ryche comes an action drama about one of the most lethal secret agents that the CIA ever produced. She left her dark past for the love of her life, but when they took him from her, ‘the Scarlet Thorn’ came out of retirement. Lin Wu (Jiaoying Liang) was brought to America at a very early age, her father, a diplomat for the Chinese Government. Lin became one of the first female Navy Seals, earning US citizenship, and later was drafted into a classified CIA program and trained to become one of their most lethal assassins. After seven years of life threatening missions and much blood shed, Lin began to question her involvement with the Agency. That's when she met Ben Robinson and fell head over heels in love. She left the CIA to pursue a life of meaning with Ben in Southern California. When a drugged out hit man kills her husband in cold blood and puts a bullet in Lin's chest leaving her for dead, she relies on her training to avenge her husband's murder. There's an ancient Chinese proverb that says: "The miracle is not to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth".

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November 15, 2016
The Darkness - Trailer

once upon a time a blind man try to steal

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November 13, 2016
PAPER - Trailer


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October 22, 2016
Me, Myself & Them - Trailer

After years and years of broken romances, Mr. Jones begins to realize that maybe, just maybe, there is a problem! But with whom? Is the problem him or is it, “THEM.' Them meaning his multiple personalities or the women that are in his life. Take a ride with him as he seeks the help of a Psychologist to find the root of the “PROBLEM."

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October 19, 2016
Captive - Trailer

Encore civilisation delineates the abstract luxury of happiness. In conscience or otherwise we pick up the luscious language of love from the avid age of advertising. From here belches a lament of a fledgling spirit in pursuit of a diseased demiurge. The story of a desolate fugitive soul on a surreal trip is 'Captive'.

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October 17, 2016
Les Sept Couleurs - Trailer

"Les Sept Couleurs"
Sexy fashion short film.

written by: Konrad Bak
directed&edited by: Konrad Bak
director of photography: Konrad Bak
color grading: Konrad Bak
sound design: Konrad Bak
gaffer / stage design: Konrad Bak
produced by: Konrad Bak
camera assistant: Nikolas Rogalski

styling artists: Kasia Cygańska, Paulina Mieczkowska
hair stylist: Agata Kowalska
make-up artist: Patrycja Kucharek
costume design: Ewa Jobko, Grazyna Pander-Kokoszka
jewellery design: Agnieszka Rodo
music: "Viscous" by Tom Quick / Sara Garvey

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October 6, 2016
Without Him/Her... - Trailer

This film tells the silent one-day story of seven mothers from seven different regions of Turkey who each lost a child from human-caused tragedies and how they battle against injustice and deaf ears from the government.

Ani Balikci, Gülsüm Çolak, Emel Korkmaz, Hüsniye Koyuncu, Yeter Sivri, Leyla Encü and Dilsah Özgen are seven different mothers from seven regions and cultures of Turkey, who lost their children. There are moments when even time which is said to be the cure of everything is desperate. Just like the famous writer Victor Hugo stated: “For a mother who has lost her child, every day is the first day; this anguish does not age.” The anguish of a mother who lost her child by the effect or neglect of institutions and organizations of the government whose duty is to protect its citizens no matter what, is more unbearable. She is now stuck until death between the beautiful life she used to live with Him and the painful life she is obliged to live without Him. People around her, on the other hand is forever obliged to desperately watch the pain of being without Him, as well as the silence of the mother.

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October 5, 2016

Tabula Rasa is a Latin phrase translated as "blank slate". This is an experimental short film which revolves around a human beyond the concepts of right, wrong, name, caste, religion, etc. bound by himself. The bondage stands as a metaphor of the social norms constituted upon a human in society. Simultaneously, it portrays the evolution while he frees himself from the bondage.

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October 1, 2016
The Black Mariachi - Trailer

While being hunted by a hit-man, 24-year-old half-Native American "Ho" Tanner accidently stumbles upon an ancient, sustainable energy source capable of stabilizing the Earth's magnetic grid, and could possibly prevent the North and South poles from flipping on an ailing planet.

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September 30, 2016
DRINKERS – Trailer

Drunken guys comedy story

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